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About Us

Welcome to the  

LipoLab Family

LipoLab was created by women for women. For this reason, we know what's best for our clients. A unique place where you can take care of your body and mind.  At LipoLab, there is no place for pressure commonly associated with places such as gyms. With us, you can just relax and enjoy!

 We perform body modeling and firming treatments as well as reducing cellulite.  All our treatments and training stations are non-invasive. We work on modern high-class facilities across our fitness, wellness, and prestige zones.

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 I am passionate about a healthy lifestyle and physical activities. This is why I've become a fitness instructor. My key to success is a positive mindset. I am an optimistic and energetic person with lots of humour.

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 I’m the owner of LipoLab Sheffield. Together with my friend, we have created this clinic to show you the
benefits of a healthy lifestyle, spread positive energy and help you to become the best version of yourself.

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I am a diet advisor and loving physical activity.  My motto is to never give up and follow your dreams.  I love to motivate others to act and support them on the way to their goals.

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