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Body Wrap


30 minutes


  • Bronze/Silver/Gold

  • Free Consultation + 3 trial treatments for £45

How does it work?

The versatility of our body wraps are perfect for a quick toning and cellulite reduction before a special occasion, wedding etc.

The slimming wrap procedure is one of the safest methods of body shape correction and weight loss. 100% natural ingredients. During the procedure, we wrap the client in with a special wrap, cover the body with a lymphatic compression suit and let the components of the wrap activate. Excessive centimetres, swelling and cellulite are eliminated when using wraps. With one procedure, the average loses -5cm of body circumference.


  • Loss of centimeters

  • Removes excess water from the body

  • Reduction of cellulite

  • Slimming

  • Modeling the figure

  • Improvement of skin  firmness

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