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Swan Shaper

30 minutes

  • Bronze/Silver/Gold

  • Free Consultation + 3 trial treatments for £45

How does it work?

This device is used for comprehensive body shaping. Thanks to an innovative combination of 4 components: infrared lamps (for deep reconstruction of collagen fibers), collagen light therapy (for regeneration of the upper skin layer), ionization system (sensational power of negative ions), torsional elliptics (activation of all muscle parts), is a great ally in body modeling.


  • Nourished and rebuilt skin

  • Increased efficiency of

  • Elimination of cellulite organism

  • A firm and solid body increased resistance to infections

  • Modeled figure

  • Intensive fat burning firm

  • Perfectly smoothed skin

  • Modeled figure

  • Perfectly sculpted silhouette

swan shaper.jpg
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