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Vacu Shaper

30 minutes

  • Bronze/Silver/Gold

  • Free Consultation + 3 trial treatments for £45

How does it work?

A specialized device combining the advantages of physical effort and the effects of underpressure. Thanks to the classic movements on the treadmill (determined walking) and the prevailing underpressure in the capsule, there is an improvement in blood circulation, mainly in places prone to the formation of cellulite. It also speeds up the circulation of the lymph which causes that the toxins are quickly removed from the body. Fat burning occurs with much less effort than with normal training - only at 50% of the maximum load on the heart. In comparison with classic training, we burn body fat four times faster at the same time.


  • Cellulite reduction

  • Professional cellulite conqueror

  • Body modeling

  • Selective burning

  • Slimming and modeling 

  • Weight loss without losing the bust

  • Reduction of body circumferences

  • Cellulite reduction

  • Intensive fat burning-

  • 3x faster than on the treadmill

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