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BreastLift 100ml

A firming serum for the delicate skin of the face, bust and decolletage


The active ingredients of the serum stimulate the microcirculation of the most delicate parts of the skin (bust, cleavage and face). The unique selection of the product ingredients guarantees the effect of stimulating cell metabolism, which translates into smoothing and firming delicate parts of the skin (patented REDENS'IN raw material - a mixture of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid with an extract from Commiphora Mukul resin). Regular use, combined with a proper diet and increased physical activity, guarantees an appropriate, healthy effect of stretching, firming smooth and very delicate skin, around the bust, on itself or on the face.

How to use

Use once or twice a day. Massage the serum into the delicate skin of the face, breasts and decolletage with circular movements. Intended for external use only.


Use the cosmetic within a maximum of 4 weeks from opening. After opening, store in a dry, cool place, protected from light, out of the reach of children.

Available to purchase at our studio or call to order tel. 07908434338


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