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Roll Shaper

A device for performing a massage that stimulates the production of new lymphatic fluids and the expansion of lymph vessels. It is one of the most effective methods of slimming and eliminating cellulite.


Vacu Shaper

A specialized device combining the advantages of physical effort and the effect of under pressure. It speeds up the circulation of the lymph which causes that the toxins are quickly removed from the body. Fat burning occurs with much less effort than with normal training- only at 50% of the maximum load on the heart. In comparison with classic training, we burn fat 4 times faster at the same time.


Horizontal Bike

The horizontal bicycle is designed for women who want relieve the lumbar spine and knee joints during workouts. The bike is used for cardio training, intervals and endurance training. It relieves the back- slims without weighing the joints.


Swan Shaper

This device is used for comprehensive body shaping. Thanks to an innovate combination of 4 components: Infrared lamps , collagen lights therapy , ionization system , torsional elliptic  is a great ally in body modeling.

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