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How to prepare for Fitness 

at LIPO Lab

Yoga Instructor


A device for performing a massage that stimulates the production of new lymphatic fluids and the expansion of lymph vessels. It is one of the most effective methods of slimming and eliminating cellulite.

Woman in Bodysuit


  1. Cellulite Reduction

  2. Removal of toxins

  3. Better blood circulation

  4. Released tension from muscles

  5. Toned skin

  6. Slimming

  7. Narrowing of the circuits

  8. Perfectly smoothed skin

  9. The effects are visible after 5 massages

  10. An ideal treatment for people with hypertension

  11. Release of endorphins

DURATION: 30 minutes

Model Posing


Single session £25

Plus Size Models


A specialised device combining the advantages of physical effort and the effects of underpressure.


Thanks to the classic movements on the treadmill (determined walking) and the prevailing underpressure in the capsule, there is an improvement in blood circulation, mainly in places prone to the formation of cellulite. 


It also speeds up the circulation of the lymph which causes that the toxins are quickly removed from the body. 


Fat burning occurs with much less effort than with normal training - only at 50% of the maximum load on the heart. In comparison with classic training, 

we burn body fat four times faster at the same time.

Woman in Sportswear


  1. Cellulite reduction

  2. Professional cellulite conqueror 

  3. Body modeling 

  4. Selective burning 

  5. Slimming and modeling 

  6. Weight loss without losing the bust 

  7. Reduction of body circumferences 

  8. Cellulite reduction 

  9. Intensive fat burning-

  10. 3x faster than on the treadmill

DURATION: 30 minutes

 Perfect slim toned young body of the girl . An example of sports , fitness or plastic sur


Single session £25

Fit Women


The horizontal bicycle is designed for women who want to relieve the lumbar spine and knee joints during workouts. The bike is used for cardio training, intervals and endurance training.

Fitness Group


  1. Significant reduction of body fat 

  2. Improvement of circulation and work of the heart 

  3. Reduction of the resting heart rate 

  4. Greater strength and flexibility of the muscles 

  5. Increase in lung volume 

  6. Better oxygen efficiency 

  7. Bone strengthening 

  8. Improvement of joint mobility 

  9. Relieving the back 

  10. Slimming without weighing the joints 

  11. Strengthening the immune system 

  12. Better mood 

  13. Stress reduction

DURATION: 30 minutes

Athlete Girl


Single session £25

Thin girl measuring her abdomen near fat one.jpg


This device is used for comprehensive body shaping. 


Thanks to an innovative combination of 4 components: infrared lamps (for deep reconstruction of collagen fibers), collagen light therapy (for regeneration of the upper skin layer), ionization system (sensational power of negative ions), torsional elliptics (activation of all muscle parts), is a great ally in body modeling.

 Perfect slim toned young body of the girl . An example of sports , fitness or plastic sur


  1. Nourished and rebuilt skin

  2. Increased efficiency of

  3. Elimination of cellulite organism

  4. A firm and solid body increased resistance to infections

  5. Modelled figure

  6. Intensive fat burning firm

  7. Perfectly smoothed skin

  8. Modelled figure

  9. Perfectly sculpted silhouette

DURATION: 30 minutes

 Perfect slim toned young body of the girl . An example of sports , fitness or plastic sur


Single session £30

Discover our 

fitness & wellness packages

Gold Package - 36 machines                  £199

Silver Package - 24 machines                 £159

Bronze Package - 16 machines               £139

T&Cs Apply

*All packages must be used within one month from the first entry. This ensures that you can make the most of your membership and enjoy the full range of treatments within the designated time frame.

We encourage you to schedule your appointments accordingly to maximize the benefits and value of your chosen package.

Our team will be happy to assist you in creating a convenient and enjoyable schedule that fits your needs.

Fitness Ladies
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